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Blackberry will offer Free voice calls

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    January 26, 2014 11:31 AM IST

    Blackberry will be introducing free voice calls on the messenger application that will be built over next month through an update which will also allow users to surf and create BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) channels, content sharing and geo- location.

     Senior director in channel marketing ,Krishnadeep Baruah told ET about the global update which will put   BBM in direct competition with apps like Viber, Line and WhatsApp, that allow users to make free calls and send audio as chats.

    The company which launched BBM VOICE for BB 10 users last year, will make the free calling feature available across Android,  Iphone and BlackBerry OS 5 and others. Around 100 million people worldwide use BBM across OS platforms.

    Baruah said that video call on BBM, that is available on BB 10 devices, will be available for users across platforms in the near future, but declined to confirm whether it will be part of the next app update. The company may also launch BBM for Windows devices in the future, the only operating system that does not support BBM at present. "We're constantly evaluating and hopefully at the right time we will be able to launch on newer platforms," Baruah said, without specifying a timeline.

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