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Oracle Jobs For Customer Service Representative - June 2013

  • June 7, 2013 1:17 AM IST

    Oracle Jobs in Bangalore For Customer Service Representative - June 2013 

    Company Name:      Oracle


              Any Graduate

    Experience:            0 - 2 Years


    Job Role:                Customer Service Representative


    Job Description:

    Oracle Jobs in Bangalore For Customer Service Representative - June 2013

    * Interacts with customers prior to and/or after sale.

    * Develops and maintains positive customer relations; coordinates with various functions within the company to ensure customer requests are handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

    * This position has authority to substantially affect the relationship between the company and a customer, either from a financial standpoint or product standpoint.

    * Focus of work can be in pre-sale or post-sale or both.

    Job Requirements: 
    * Work involves some problem solving with assistance and guidance in understanding and applying company policies and procedures.

    * Works within defined procedures and routines with limited autonomy.

    * Problem solving involves research and verification.

    * Includes new graduate entrant with no professional experience; trainees, interns. Entry level position.
    * Prefer 0-2 years of experience and good communication skills.

    How To Apply:

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